Wireless Compression Loadcells

Wireless Compression

wireless compression loadcells

The Straightpoint Wireless Compression Load Cell (WNI). No longer hindered by troublesome and hard to maintain cables, large scale projects can be completed in a fraction of time previously required. Multiple compression loadcells can all connect wirelessly to our range of PC software via a USB dongle, to our iOS and Android app or to our SW-HHP wireless handheld display.

Maintenance and repair costs are all but eliminated due to the absence of cables and connectors, and the products flexibility opens the door to a large number of applications in the heavy lift, energy, defence, rigging, shipping, and general transportation sectors.

Two versions of the WNI are available:

  • Long range 2.4GHz version providing industry leading wireless range of 700m or 2300ft to SP’s SW-HHP handheld or WCOGS software.
  • Bluetooth output and can be connected to any smart phone running our free HHP app on iOS or Android at ranges up to 100m or 328ft.

Connected to our wireless centre of gravity software (WCOGS) the WNI loadcell can be used to weigh and verify center of gravity of large and heavy objects which may not be evenly proportioned. The system will report weight on each individual loadcell, total weight and C of G in an html report based on ISO19901.

Straightpoint’s Wireless Compression Load Cells are machined from high grade 17-4PH stainless steel, providing excellent strength and corrosion resistance and making them suitable for the most arduous industrial conditions.