Phassed Array Ultrasonic Testing

Advance NDT Service

Hasan Inspection Service, PAUT experts have been involved in various research and development programs and have been pioneers in some of the techniques in Australia. The research and development program focused on PAUT as an emerging technique for the advanced inspection of critical discontinuities in the power industry.

HITS personnel have conducted literature reviews and published local conference papers of PAUT on compliance to Standards and the use of qualification blocks to increase probability of detection. Research investigations have been conducted on the effects of PAUT signal responses to temperature, surface conditions and couplants beyond those prescribed in Standards. Specially designed calibration blocks were also fabricated for PAUT testing on different materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, low carbon steel and Inconel. Undertaking the research and development program has produced sound fundamentals for understanding the theory and practical aspects behind PAUT.

PAUT fits into the NDT inspection repertoire and is complimentary just like any other technique. The technique has many potential applications, but can be inhibited by limitations such as geometry, time and access. In general, a scan plan is required as an initial step to ensure suitable beam coverage is achieved.

Hasan Inspection Service, team of PAUT operators are capable of developing PAUT scan plans and can offer technical justification summaries to account for test parameters. Furthermore, they have vast experience in developing PAUT procedures and work instructions for the traceability and repeatability of inspections.