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With Our Pallet Racks Inspection, You Can Rest Easy Knowing That Your Racking System Will Be Thoroughly Checked For Damage And Replacement Needs

We Offers Pallet Racks Safety Inspection Audits For Your Warehouse.

A pallet racks inspection ensures top-notch safety in your warehouse. Do you know if the racking system in your warehouse is safe? Does your rack system meet current code? Are you ignoring rack damage? Are you covering up damaged frames with column protectors? Has your maintenance crew been welding steel plates over damaged column sections?

In the harsh and unpredictable environments presented in most warehouses, an independent and professional inspection of racking systems is the best way to help reduce your legal risks and keep both your warehouse and employees safe. Having a Pallet Racks Safety Inspection completed on a continuous basis cannot be overstated.

Do not put your valuable employees in danger of getting hurt or potentially killed because you are ignoring rack damage, which ultimately could cause a rack collapse that usually continues with a domino effect. Warehouse racks inspection and replacement of damaged products are very serious matters. Don’t become a victim by putting yourself, the company, or vendors at risk of being sued because you are not performing your duties of providing a safe working environment. By not having continuous rack inspections and implementing proper rack replacements, you are putting yourself and your employees in danger.

Straightpoint offers several different levels of Pallet Rack Safety Inspection and Audits depending upon your needs and requirements. After we conduct a Pallet Rack Safety Inspection, we will provide you with complete details and tell you what your best options are and how we can help you.

Our Pallet Racks Inspection Service Includes:

  • Regular visual inspections of racking for anything that could be considered dangerous and could lead to a potential rack collapse.
  • Inspection of all frames for low column damages, as most damage happens in the first 24″ from the ground due to fork truck impact. Check for bends, crushing, pushing in, or busted anchors.
  • Analysis of horizontal and diagonal braces in the frames to ensure they are not broken, bent, or twisted.
  • Ensuring all frames are bolted to the floor and that no bolts are busted. There will be different bolting arrangements depending on local code and seismic zones.
  • Checking beams for frontal damage or any downward force impacts.
  • Inspecting for any beam disengagement, load locks sticking out, or any missing or loose bolts.
  • For roll formed beams, checking that the safety fastening mechanisms are functioning and all in place.
  • Confirming that no bolts are missing or loose on structural beams.
  • Ensuring that your beams are not bowing or deflecting, as this is a sign you are putting too much weight on the level. Beam ties can also be utilized in this situation.
  • Checking to make sure there is no erosion on the beam end plate connector welds due to constant wear and tear.
  • Examining cross bars to ensure that they are properly located evenly underneath the pallet load.
  • If you are using flanged cross bars, we ensure that they are screwed or bolted in. For roll-in or snap-in style, we ensure they are actually engaged or locked into the beam slot that keeps them in place.
  • Inspecting end of aisle barrier rails for any damage.
  • Checking for capacities and if frames and beams are labeled for appropriate capacities per OSHA regulations. If your rack is not labeled, we highly recommend you have us do a full evaluation and survey of your complete racking system, as this needs to be done for audits.
  • Assessing and properly documenting any and all damages and labeling them with tiers of damage importance (immediate replacement vs. standard replacement.)

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